Fan x Gigi!
Born: December 15, 2011
See pictures of us growing up at the bottom of this page.

 - Ch Movourneen Gaotharan O'Shan (FAN)
 - Ch LionLamb's Flashy Prodigy, JC (GIGI)

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                 FAN    X     GIGI   
6 show ridged puppies, No Dermoids

                    (Taigh 8.5 months) 
                       Do I look like my dad?        I have some growing to do yet!




TAIGH 041512                                                      Taigh 1st point August 2012

TAIGH 09/03/12


Fanah - at 16 months - April 2013 - Freestacking at home

Oona                                                                                Penny