Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Dermoid Sinus

A major concern to all Ridgeback breeders is the Dermoid Sinus.  There is information regarding the sinus at  the web site for the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States, linked here

As a breeder, I have been involved in having a ridgeback have a dermoid sinus surgically removed.  This is no easy decision - operate or put the puppy to sleep.  There is a great amount of risk involved in any operation and the degree of penetration of the dermoid and possible spinal involvement is often unknown until the surgery is performed.

I am happy to say that we vied for the operation and it was successful.  What a relief!  Needless to say that the time upcoming to the surgery and awaiting the outcome was difficult.

At the planning of any breeding, the possibility of dermoids is always in mind as are the other positives and negatives of temperments, structure, and a million other things.  It may be of interest to Ridgeback Breeders to read the study done by the RIDGEBACK CLUB OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA concerning Folic Acid and the Dermoid Sinus.

Click here for a downloadable PDF copy of their study.

Please read the study and make your own investigations.  Anything we can do to lessen chances of instances of dermoids occurring is certainly worth the effort.

(Permission given to include the study given by the RRCSA.  Thank you to the club members.