Fan was our first ridgeback that I trained and showed to his championship.  It was a joy showing him and feeling all that power go around the ring at the end of a tiny leash.  Also a Group winner, Fan was my boy through and through.

Loyalty was the essence of Fan.  I was the only one that could give him treats and show him and I never had to worry about taking a walk late at night or staying over at a hotel for a dog show, his presence was enough to give me all the protection I wanted.  To see Fan's pedigree, click here. (DM-Normal)

(Frozen semen available to approved bitches.)    To see show picture comparisons of Fan at various ages and his son, Bucky and his daughters Crystie and Ginger, click here.

To see pictures of his sons, click here and here.  To see his daughters, click here (look for Ginger and Crystie).

At the Waukesha show

Props ready - contact!

Flying Ridgey

My best friend

Getting a kiss from my Fan