The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States (RRCUS), of which we are proud to be a members, has endeavored to provide interesting and educational information regarding Rhodesian Ridgebacks in their site.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, we will rely on their competent accounts and provide you with links to specific areas of their site.  

Below the links, we have provided an Acrobat Reader PDF  (printable) file of the information contained in the links.

Our guide is Movourneen Gile Spog L'Gara (Paws) - he always leads me around, never me him.

Hi, I'm Paws, just click my picture and I'll take you where you need to go.

Here I'll provide you with some historical background of my breed.

I wasn't shown but my Movourneen pals filled me in on the details concerning various standards characteristics the judges checked them over for and how points are determined in a Conformation Match.  I preferred to stay home soaking up the sun. I knew I'd still get treats.

I'll take you now to the elaboration which better describes the Standard.

As versatile as we Ridgey's are, it is important to understand our temperaments.  This link gives a general overall view but remember FOOD is #1 IN MY BOOK.

Here's some general information on training.  Mom always likens a Ridgey to a child in the sense that consistency and fairness brings the best rewards to everyone.  If I get the most treats, I'll make sure I bark when someone knocks on the door.  I'm her best doorbell.  Just ask her.

If you're interested in a puppy, be sure to read this section. 

Be sure we're what you're looking for, is a Ridgey right for you?  Because we know what we're looking for in a family.  Click here to find out more.

And to see a listing of RRCUS member breeders, click my picture and I'll tell you who some Ridgey breeders are.

Everyone has questions, even those who have lived with Ridgeys for years.  Here are some FAQ's others have asked.

Printable information from above links.         You'll need Acrobat Reader to view and print so Click here to download the Reader:

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States has a wonderful volunteer group that rescues Ridgeys who have lost their people.  If you are interested in rescuing a Ridgey and giving one a good home, please click here to read more about available pets.  (logo copyright of RR Rescue)

While Ridgeback Rescue relies primarily on volunteers for its work, there are still many out-of-pocket costs involved for food, shelter and kennel fees, veterinary care, transportation and other expenses.  Visit the on-line store to purchase some wonderful items.  Proceeds help rescue Ridgeys.

For information regarding dog ownership and children and for some helpful sheets for parents, please visit the American Kennel Club educational pages.  Here is a link.  Specifically look at the Middle School Education pages.