During Fan's last year of showing, we started Bucky in the shows.  His first show was the 1991 Speciality in Chicago and he took 3rd in his class.  He was also with his mom, Shannon, when she took 3rd in Brood Bitch Class along with his dad, Fan.

Mosinee was an exciting show when Fan took BOB and Bucky took BOW.  Showing them in the same ring was exciting.  Click here to see that pic.

Bucky is a multiple BOB winner and Group Winner. 
To see Bucky's pedigree, click here.
   (DM - Normal)

Bucky had a bit of an attitude.  He wanted to be top dog but of course Fan was.  After losing Fan, he slipped quietly into the top dog status like a king destined to his throne.

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Bucky taking BOB at Waukesha under R Stein

Taking a hotel break after a show