CH Movourneen Bridee Rouxridge
Breed: Rho Ridgeback 
Color: Whtn/Blk Mask 
Sex: F  
Born: 12-17-1996
Reg.# HM683228-06 
10 Gen IC: 8.68821%
Bred by:  Nick and Joe Wasilewski
Owned by: Joe & Chris McMahon 
Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents Great-Great-Grand-Parents
CH Filmaker's Never Surrender of FM, JC, 02-04-1994, Wheaten, HM505015-05, IC= 8.66594   CH Crescent's The Power of Gold, HD732331, IC= 11.04126   CH Mine Creek's Pay Dirt, 01- -1985, Rd Whtn, HD025376   CH Kwetu's Pocket Full of Promise, ROM BIS, 11- -1982, Whtn, HC749956  
CH Sweetheart's Seranade, ROM, 07- -1983, Rd Whtn, HC776665  
Freland's Dawn's Pride,   CH TallTimbers Argonaut,  
CH Freland's Dawn,  
CH Filmaker's Stormy Sunday, HD732331, IC= 8.75549   CH Kimani's All Rights Reserved, Whtn, HD583667   CH Gitano of Raintree, ROM, 05-01-1984, Red Wheaten, HD161620  
Kimani's Princess Mesha, Whtn, HD249746  
CH Stormy Filmaker,   CH Kwetu's Ruffian's Reviewer,ROM, 11-09-1980, Red Wheaten, HC776743  
CH Sweetheart's Hollyhock,  
CH Rouxridge Red Agkistrodon, 11-11-1992, Rd Whtn, HM440931-03, IC= 6.78063   CH Movourneen Gaotharan O'Shan, 03-02-1986, Red Wheaten, HD363384, IC= 2.20337   CH Rob Norm's Shara G Dagga,BISS, 12-28-1977, Red Wheaten, HC484178   CH TallTimbers Ajax, Wheaten, HC103473  
CH Rob Norm's Elsa, 03-02-1975, Rd Whtn, HC209981  
CH Movourneen Cailin of Kali, 07-26-1983, Dk Red Wheaten, HD060420   CH Bimbo's Rufus of Kali, 07-06-1980, Red Wh/Blk Mask, HC739531  
CH Kali's Zuri Kipenzi, 07-01-1978, Dk Red Wheaten, HC559656  
CH Aslan's Roari LeRoux, 09-04-1990, Red Wheaten, HD918413, IC= 6.93627   CH Kimani's Sharper Image, Wheaten, HD482677   CH Gitano of Raintree, ROM, 05-01-1984, Red Wheaten, HD161620  
CH Kimani's Status Symbol, Whtn, HC774864  
CH Mine Creek Aslan's Vision, 04-04-1988, Rd Wheaten, HD595386   CH Ivy League's Bungalow Bill, Wheaten,  
Mine Creek's Mystic Vision, Red Wheaten,  

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