12/17/96 ~ 01/13/08

During our first years, Shannon was our only girl and we had her four sons.  After losing Shannon, we again hoped to continue the line and the quality that Shannon possessed.  Rouxridge Kennels used Fan as a stud and produced a nice litter, one of the puppies was Ginger, Bridee's mom.  We waited a long time but when Ginger was bred to Cory, we anxiously awaited a puppy.  We brought Bridee home from Florida to a very cold Wisconsin February and deep snow banks.  It was no problem for Bridee who settled right in.  Even sunning herself in a snow bank wasn't unheard of.  Huh - some African dog!   To see Bridee's pedigree, click here.    FOR HER EULOGY, SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE

Bridee just after her arrival

Bridee on the prowl

Bridee playing with Bucky who really
fell in love with the pretty little girl.

Bridee taking Best of Breed

(Age 6 yr 9 mon)


Born 12/17/96 - Died 1/13/08

In memory of Bridee, CH Movourneen Bridee of Rouxridge

 Born: December 17, 1996

 In Autumn of 1996, I retired my show dog, Bucky, and a few months later, my friend Sharon Leroux called to say she was breeding and asked if I might be interested in a puppy if all things went well.  I was on the hedge for a long time as I had three dogs already.  I remained fence sitting even after the first pictures of puppies came. 

 During her weeks with her mom, she changed and changed and finally we decided on the little girl who, in her video, looked like a scrapper.  She wanted to get into everything.   Once deciding, we began the preparations for a puppy – pick up everything, lock down everything, close all containers, toilet seats, etc. etc. etc., then wait for the day.

 In February, 1997, snow covered and cold in Wisconsin, Bridee made her flight from Florida.  We were concerned about the temperature change and how she would take it but we were also concerned that, once we had her, she needed to be fed mid-day and our work is too far away to make it home at that time of day.  Luck was with us as it was the Sturgeon Fishing season in Wisconsin and my husband took vacation to get his shack out on the lake.  He took a lot of chiding from the guys when he had to go home each day to feed the puppy.  I didn’t hear him complain, though, as he got one-on-one time with Bridee, a name he chose for her and that she answered to within 24 hours.  Though she was Florida born, she loved the snow and had no problem sunning herself in a snow bank or chasing snowballs.

 Through training classes, etc. Bridee learned to be a show dog.  On her first venture out at the Waukesha show that year, I went, nerves all frayed, with my new puppy into the ring.  There was a count of 11 bitches in the classes that day and my hope was that she would just behave.  Behave she did and under Judge A. Swartz, Bridee was awarded First in her 6-9 month class and RESERVE!!   I was ecstatic when I arrived home, telling my husband that our 7 month old puppy took reserve in such a large class and over much older bitches.  I coaxed him into going to the show with me the next day to see this wonder girl.

 The next day, while traveling to the show, we were 20 minutes from the show grounds when our car broke down.  Determined to get to the show so that our girl would have her day and maybe take the points, I left my husband with the car and hitchhiked to the show (never did that before or since but I was determined to let our girl have her day).  We made it to the ring, and my husband made it there with video camera in tow just before we made our entrance, and did she ever show the world who she was.  Bridee entered the ring in grand style in her class and stood for exam to Judge Kent Delaney.  My husband was getting it all on tape!!  Bridee began the triangle and decided after 3 steps that jumping in the air like a fly dog and cavorting at the end of her leash was the rule of the day.  Mr. Delaney laughed hard but liked her style so gave her a First in her class.  Unfortunately, her cavorting continued and that was the only ribbon she received that day. 

Bridee when on to achieve her championship and at one particular show after receiving a BOS from Judge Delaney, he commented that he really liked her style and remembered her from her cavorting days.  She was the girl who stacked herself in the ring and when you tapped her under the chin and said ‘let’s go’-  she flew.  She knew exactly where she belonged at the end of the leash and eased herself around the ring with flair.  It didn’t matter how hot or cold the weather, when she heard ‘let’s go’ she knew exactly what she was supposed to do.  I’ve always shown my dogs for a long time, not quitting when they’ve received their CH and Bridee was a joy to show.  She took many BOW, BOS and BOB’s in her career, taking her last BOB at the age of 6 years, 9 months.  My only regret is not having her at a National in the veteran’s class.  It was always our plan but we never realized it.  She would have flown around the ring as at the age of 11, she still had the grace and flair to make a statement. 

Bridee enjoyed showing and enjoyed more the hotels where she had rule of the bed.  The biggest loss in her life was losing her best friend, Bucky, when she was 5.  Bucky was much older than her but they had been best friends since her arrival at our home.  They spent hours sunning themselves together and never went into the yard without each other.  When I saw them together, there was a special joy they shared. 

Bridee is with Bucky now.   

She was in excellent health for an 11 year old, just having passed her birthday shortly before Christmas.  She was enthusiastic and loved getting pets.  We were playing in the snow, it was a warm day for winter, and she followed me around the yard while I cleaned kennels. Then we played some snowball games and gave her a bunch of treats.  Once back in the house, Bridee suddenly yelped in pain.  I thought she might have hurt her back playing in the snow or something of the sort so rush her to the vet.  I only wish it had been a sore back.   

Arriving at the vet, they said she was critical.  I couldn’t understand that but they showed me the ultrasound that showed a mass on the spleen.  They diagnosed an hemangiosarcoma – a fast growing mass on her spleen – that ruptured.   

We are still in shock.  Each of our other ridgebacks had progressed into old age or were ill for a while before their passing.  Though each was hard to take, having a dog in perfect health go so quickly has been difficult.   

It’s impossible to express the love she gave to us all these years.  Her funny way of demanding her breakfast – she didn’t care if it is daylights savings time or not – and her expectations of when you were to get home from work.  Supper time, she always announced, and the rule in our house was an hour of rest after each meal.  An hour after supper, she’d be barking away because it was time for her raw bone or pig ear.  Settling in for a good chew always brought a brightness to her eyes but you’d better not forget that at 9, she was to get her treat before bed.  She ran the house and this morning we had no welcoming barks to get us up for work.  She loved laying on the couch; I wish she were there now. 

We miss you Bridee, and always will. 

Died:  January 13, 2008